Water Cooler Service

Prevent dehydration in the workplace and see productivity peak. 

Hydrate Your Hardworking Team

With onsite water cooler service

Gathering around the office water cooler is a good thing. Offering onsite water service does more than keep your employees hydrated, it boosts employee morale and fosters a positive work environment where they feel their health and wellbeing is valued.

As a full-service provider, we handle all setup and supplies, management, and maintenance so you and your team can focus on more important matters.

Our personable and professional service includes

  • Eco-friendly, bottleless water cooler
  • Clean, filtered water
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance

Water Cooler Service

Keeping your hardworking team hydrated and happy

Offering innovative, high-tech or specialty water dispensers in both direct plumbed or countertop options—including regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure quality.


Innovation at its finest. This Energy Star water dispenser is direct plumbed and offers hot and cold water. Maintenance and sanitation is made simple with an in-tank UV sanitation system and leak detection to stop any unwanted overflow. We are currently the only provider of this cutting-edge water dispenser in Maine.


Providing more than just a refreshing glass of water, this countertop, single serve pod system dispenses still, sparkling, and flavored water. Flavor pods contain all natural flavors and juices with no preservatives and come in such options as lemonade, orange mango, acai pomegranate and even a grape sports drink option, among many others.

Snack Attack Box

Go beyond beverages.

Additionally, we can provide and maintain a 50- or 100-piece snack order available to employees or visitors to complement your beverage offerings. Choose from several snack box options, such as gluten free, healthy, or popular favorites.

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