A variety of wholesome, fresh food, hot and cold beverages, popular snacks, and other items in one convenient, onsite location.

Think of it like your own customized miniature convenience store!

Picture walking into your break room and having the freedom to browse through hundreds of delicious, fresh items on open shelves. Our Micro-markets utilize groundbreaking technology to offer companies state-of-the-art 24-hour markets, complete with touch screen kiosks to allow for swift, easy access to purchases without ever leaving the building. And with a focus on fresh, wholesome options, micro-markets make maintaining healthy eating and snacking a priority.

Wide variety of fresh food options
Selection of over 350+ items to choose from
Customizable product selections
24-hour security system and virtually no service calls
Monitored and worry-free restocking provided
Outstanding service and communication
Ability to look at nutritional content before purchasing

24/7 convenience

Rewards and incentive programs with USConnect loyalty cards*
Specially designed to blend into existing architecture
Cash and cashless payment options

Payments and Perks

Employees pay for their selections with cash, debit or credit cards, or pre-paid loyalty cards

*Our loyalty cards track employee purchases and extend special offers or coupons. Each month, employees will be offered exciting promotions featuring popular items that provide huge cost savings on products they purchase every day.


Your Preferences. Your Choice.

Not only do we focus on nutritious options for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but with our in-house chef we prepare restaurant-quality entrées, sandwiches, salads and desserts. This allows us to offer a customized menu based on your specifications. And through employee surveys, we can easily modify the menu to your employees’ preferences, as well. We’ll rotate food and beverage selections on a regular basis in clean, well-stocked displays to maintain a wide variety of options.


Easily Monitored. Easy to Use.

Micro-markets are monitored remotely so we can restock your favorites quickly. Each food product is bar coded for easy tracking, and our kiosks can be used with a cash and cashless payment option. Easy to use, easily monitored. What could be simpler than that?

We’re ready to serve your refreshment needs. Contact us today.

Casco Bay Food & Beverage
9 Saratoga St., Lewiston, ME 04240
Phone: 207-945-5688 or 1-800-432-7919
Fax: 207-786-4174

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