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Proudly serving Androscoggin, York, Cumberland, Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Kennebec, Oxford, Franklin, Somerset, Knox, Waldo, and portions of Washington, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.

Independently owned and Maine-based, we’re committed to providing exceptional service while offering high-quality, healthy refreshment selections to satisfy hungry and hardworking Mainers.

Casco Bay Food & Beverage is a locally owned Canteen franchise and proud member of:

  • The National Automated Merchandising Association (NAMA)
  • USConnect: America’s only nationwide wireless integrated food service network.

Meet Our Leadership

Ted Morton, President & CEO

A life-long Mainer, Ted Morton’s roots are deeply planted in the Pine Tree State. A genuine commitment to Maine values and Maine workers is at the heart of Ted’s leadership philosophy and at the core of Casco Bay Food and Beverage.

After a ten-year stint in Massachusetts, Ted and his wife, Niki, moved back to Maine to be closer to family, friends, and the Maine values they missed. A driven entrepreneur and successful Vice President of Facilities in the real estate industry, Ted wanted to start a business in his home state. He wanted to build a company that could offer stable, well-paying jobs for employees and provide a high-quality product or service that would add value to Maine workplaces. Under the right vision and leadership, the vending industry, Ted decided, could add value for both customers and employees.

Ted founded Casco Bay Vending in 2008 with two employees and tenacious goals. He has since grown the company, now Casco Bay Food and Beverage, from 200 machines and two routes to over 4,000 machines and 38 routes with 80+ employees. Today, CBFB is the healthy vending leader in Maine.

In 2016, a firm from New York approached Ted and his two largest competitors—Canteen and Pine State—expressing a serious interest in purchasing all three companies.  Being acquired by an out-of-state company didn’t sit right with Ted. Ted approached the owners of Canteen and Pine State and offered them an alternative: to sell their companies to him, a fellow Mainer, with similar goals for their companies and, most importantly, their employees. Canteen and Pine State appreciated Ted’s vision and agreed to sell.

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that Ted is driven to build something great. Staying on the forefront of the food & beverage vending industry, Ted consistently invests in the latest technology, bringing the convenient, satisfying, healthy foods people want directly to them. Ted also remains committed to making sure his valued employees are genuinely happy to come to work every day.

Nicole (Niki) Morton, Executive Vice President
Smart, assertive, and gracious, Niki Morton brings deep experience, a can-do attitude, and tremendous commitment to her role as Executive Vice President of Casco Bay Food & Beverage.

A longtime Mainer, Niki moved to Boston in 1998 and worked in commercial and multi-family real estate management. Missing the Maine way of life, she moved back in 2008 and transitioned into a career in banking, putting her business acumen to work in small business and consumer lending. When her husband, Ted Morton, acquired two of the largest vending companies in Maine, Niki jumped in to help manage the significant transition. In February 2017, she became a fully-fledged member of the Casco Bay Food & Beverage team, equally as dedicated and driven as her spouse and CEO, Ted.

Niki brings her financial expertise and strong leadership skills to CBFB where she now focuses on employee relations, marketing, and civic involvement. Niki is a graduate of the University of Southern Maine School of Business.

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