Fresher vending means healthier workplaces.

The traditional way to keep hardworking and hungry Mainers satisfied, happy and productive.

By using the highest quality, brand name refreshments and healthy selections to meet nutritional need and boost energy, we deliver a rewarding and satisfying vending experience.

Nutritional + Traditional

Healthier selections in all of our vending machines allow for people to follow through on their personal wellness plans and encourages a healthy lifestyle. We also partner with the world’s largest candy, snack and chocolate makers to provide the appealing, well-planned variety and quality that is expected.

High Standards. High Quality.

Our commitment to creative fresh food selections is matched only by the rigidity of standards we follow to reach and maintain the utmost quality in all phases of our food service operation. Every step in the production process, from procuring the freshest food ingredients and highest quality coffee beans to the attractive packaging of the final products, is carefully and methodically analyzed to ensure only the absolute best quality products are delivered to our customers.

Fresh Food:

Enjoy all of your favorite sandwiches including wedges, subs, and wraps. We also offer fresh salads, fruit, breakfast foods plus entrées such as macaroni and cheese, shepherd’s pie, American chop suey, meatloaf, teriyaki chicken, and turkey dinners, just to name a few.


Popular choices from Frito Lay, Kellogg’s, Hershey, M&M/Mars, Nestlé, Kraft and Cape Cod.

Cold Beverages:

All the well-known selections from Coca Cola, Pepsi, Arizona, Snapple and Poland Spring. Plus, Monster, Red Bull, Gatorade and Vitamin Water.

Hot Beverages:

Gourmet coffees, assorted teas, hot chocolate.

Anything but Old School

Innovation is a crucial aspect to our business. Gone are the days of jiggling the vending machine to coax out a dangling bag of peanuts. With our remote technology we monitor your vending, making sure everything is well stocked with ample selections. Our technology also allows for diverse payment options, making accessibility a priority.

Let us design a refreshment program specifically for your organization or business based on your needs and taste. Our quality service, competitive pricing and attention to detail will ensure your employees receive the excellent vending experience they deserve.

We’re ready to serve your refreshment needs. Contact us today.

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Phone: 207-945-5688 or 1-800-432-7919
Fax: 207-786-4174

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