For many, a day does not start until they’ve had that hot, rich, delicious cup of coffee. At Casco Bay Food & Beverage, we bring this experience right to your door.

Self-serve coffee is a great solution for those in need of a caffeine fix. Casco Bay Food & Beverage can customize your coffee service with a wide range of stylish, efficient beverage kiosks and other types of equipment based on your company’s needs. What’s more, once we set up your coffee service, we’ll manage and maintain it, too—freeing you and your staff to enjoy a fresh cup while focusing on more important matters.

Just like our food service options, our coffee services are customized to the specific preferences and needs of your company – keeping everyone happy from the coffee connoisseur to your CFO. Casco Bay Food & Beverage is proud to offer the following brewing technologies:


Newco Brewers

Single Cup Brewers

Bunn Brewers

Pod Brewers

All necessary supplies and sundries

We will design an inventory management system that best meets your needs and budget. Regularly scheduled delivery service ensures ample supplies. To see current pricing please visit our pricing page.



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We look forward to serving your employees’ refreshment needs. Give us a call today 207-945-5688