Coffee & Tea Service

Boost employee morale with every sip. 

Perk up Productivity

with onsite gourmet coffee, tea and water service.

Our beverage services are customized to the specific preferences and needs of your company–keeping everyone happy from the coffee connoisseur to your CFO.

Offering high-quality coffee, tea, additional hot beverages, or water can increase productivity, promote a positive environment and create a sense of community among your employees. We have the equipment, supplies, and service to bring this to your workplace.

As a full-service provider, we handle all setup and supplies, management, and maintenance so you and your team can focus on more important matters.

Our personable and professional service includes

  • Flexible delivery schedules
  • Convenient online ordering
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance
  • Full inventory and management of supplies (for larger customers)

Coffee + Tea Service

For many, a day doesn’t start until they’ve had a hot, rich, delicious cup of coffee.

We offer a wide range of stylish, efficient beverage kiosks and other types of cutting-edge brewing equipment for pour-over, bean-to-cup, or specialty coffee beverages.

Traditional Brewers

NEWCO This brewer with portable insulated carafe is ideal for small offices or businesses who offer coffee in multiple locations.

BUNN Considered a tried and true coffee brewer, this traditional brewer is available as a countertop single burner or direct plumbed 3-burner option.

Single Cup or Pod Brewers

SEGAFREDO A cost effective and environmentally friendly single cup brewer that specializes in higher-end coffee beverages. Enjoy single serve artisan crafted coffee, an espresso, macchiato, cappuccino or latte gourmet beverage.

KEURIG This well-known single serve pod brewer can be direct plumbed or stand alone with its own water reservoir. An expansive selection of single cup coffee or tea pods are available to choose from.

Bean-to-Cup Brewer

CAFECTION With over 100 hot and cold beverage combinations to choose from, this innovative yet easy to use compact brewer provides three bean-to-cup coffee varieties as well as hot water and cocoa options, mochaccino, latte, cappuccino, espresso and other gourmet beverages.

Supplies + Inventory Management

Don’t waste time worrying if there is enough creamer or coffee cups in the break room–we’ve got it handled.

For qualified customers, we offer full-service stocking and restocking of supplies, and on-going inventory management to make sure you never run out of sundries to accompany your beverage offerings. Our personable and professional team will take care of all the ordering and are happy to accommodate requests.

Supplies include

  • Cups, lids, stirrers
  • Creamers, milk, sugar, etc.

Snack Attack Box

Go beyond beverages.

Additionally, we can provide and maintain a 50- or 100-piece snack order available to employees or visitors to complement your beverage offerings. Choose from several snack box options, such as gluten free, healthy, or popular favorites.

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