It’s been an element of the dining experience for years—pairing a food dish with a complementing beer, wine or cocktail—but now baristas and coffee aficionados are pairing foods with complementing coffee roasts. Luckily, you need to be neither to take part in this coffee trend.

There’s no hard or fast rule, but generally you want to pair flavors that will balance each other out. Here’s a list of the essentials:

  • Light Roasts are acidic, floral and delicate (and highly caffeinated!).

This roast will pair well with berries and citrus fruits; hard cheeses such as cheddar, Parmigiano and gouda; and with light pastries such as fruit tarts and butter croissants.

*Try Starbucks with fruit salad and avocado toast.    The fruit will complement the brighter notes, while the avocado will offer a buttery, (healthy) fat component, creating a full-bodied coffee drink.

  • Medium Roasts are chocolatey, nutty and well-rounded. This roast will pair well with a blueberry muffin, a serving of nuts, or a standard American breakfast.

*Try Peet’s Big BangÒ blend with a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich to fuel your morning or with a portion of almonds and dark chocolate (or a Kind bar) for the afternoon slump.

  • Dark Roasts are earthy, bittersweet and smoky (warming/spicy). This roast will pair well with rich or spicy foods and creamy, decadent desserts.

*Try Green Mountain CoffeeÒ Dark MagicÒ blend with a cream cheese bagel, an antipasto snack pack, or a chocolatey brownie.

Take advantage of the healthy snacks, sweet treats and full-service coffee that you provide your company and get to pairing! It’s noted that pairing coffee and food is better received with a black brew rather than with a sweetened coffee, but to each their own!

And from all of us at Casco Bay Food & Beverage, we wish you all happy holidays and a joyous New Year.