The simple answer: yes. As more and more companies move toward sustainability, compostable utensils are quickly becoming commonplace in the breakroom.

Think of composting as recycling’s hip, younger sister. Recycling disposable utensils, cups and plates instead of tossing them in the wastebasket will always be admirable and important, but implementing the use of sustainable products has a far greater environmental impact, helping to save trees, water, reduce landfill and plastic waste, and more! Plus, your employees will appreciate your environmental efforts.

Does composting sound new and confusing? It doesn’t have to be. Oil-based plastics take hundreds of years to break down, if they do at all. Compostable utensils are plant-based, allowing them to break down immediately in an industrial-sized facility. It’s that simple.

Are you wondering how these sustainable products will work in your office? Here are three more reasons to give them a try: 

Attract New Talent:

  • New workers are looking to join a company that shares their eco-conscious values. This younger generation is more environmentally aware and expect corporations to be socially responsible. If your company shares how they’re going green, you’ll appeal to new talent.

Increase PR Power:

  • Consumers are becoming selective when purchasing. They want to support companies that are transparent with their green initiatives. Publicly applaud your company’s environmental efforts and so will consumers.

Support Agricultural Jobs:

  • These compostable utensils are made from plant by-products which are tossed away after the crop is cultivated. By purchasing these by-products from agricultural businesses their profits rise, and a cleaner, more sustainable product is made.

Don’t be left behind holding a plastic fork; implement your own green breakroom initiative today, and start seeing the savings in cost and environmental impact.

*Casco Bay Food and Beverage is proud to partner with Paradigm Group to offer our customers cost-effective, completely compostable utensils and refreshment solutions. Learn more about sustainable options here.