We all do it while working at our desk: cringe when we hear a co-worker cough or sneeze. Why? Because you know that within the tight confines of an office, illness can spread easily. And even though the days may be getting longer and the snow is beginning to melt, cold and flu season isn’t quite over yet.

Besides the obvious hand washing and avoidance of anyone with even the slightest hint of a runny nose, how do you stop illness from taking over your office? The simplest answer is selfcare. Consider sharing these healthy habits with your workforce so your office stays sick free until spring.

  • Get Sleep — feeling overwhelmed or exhausted? Listen to your body and slow down. Lots of viruses can be avoided by getting plenty of sleep so that your body can focus on fending any illness off.
  • Bask in Sunshine — if the sun is shining, bundle up and get outside for some vitamin D. It’s a great boost for your immune system and your mood.
  • Eat healthfully — drink plenty of water and hot tea to stay hydrated and to flush out toxins. Start including more vegetables and nutrient dense foods to support your body’s health.
  • Keep exercising — whether you’re into snowboarding, cross-country skiing or hitting the gym, continue working up a sweat regularly. This will keep your body functioning optimally, will keep your focus sharp and will discourage flu germs.

If employees start to feel ill, give them access to the tools that can help them feel better and limit exposure to coworkers. Make sure hand sanitizer, vitamin C supplements, and a pain or fever reducer is available in the office breakroom or for purchase. Travel sizes of Tylenol, DayQuil, hand sanitizer and other toiletries show employees that you have them covered (and can help stop an outbreak from happening).

If a sniffle or cough seems to be more than the common cold, be sure to send sick employees home so that they can heal up and the rest of your workforce can stay healthy. Remember, you have sick days for a reason, it’s just better if you don’t have to use them.

* An onsite micro-market is a great way to have all the necessary items to fight illness available for employees to purchase, all within the confines of a mini convenience store. To learn more about this convenient option, check out our page on micro-markets