More than just a place to eat lunch, a well-planned breakroom encourages conversation, regeneration, and healthy habits in the workplace. By putting a little bit of effort into updating your existing space, you can boost productivity and employee retention, and show your staff that they are a valued part of your organization. 

Recognize your breakroom as an employee benefit. Employees with access to a comfortable and well-stocked area away from their regular workstations report higher job satisfaction and are less likely to leave their current job. It is standard to allow expensive machinery to cool down during heavy use, and staff members should enjoy the same treatment if we expect peak performance from them as well. More and more, companies are including subsidized refreshments or complimentary snacks in their Employee Value Package, alongside their health benefits and paid time off.  

Put thought into how it feels to walk into the breakroom; the faster an employee can feel relaxed, the more time-effective a break becomes. Comfortable furniture, calming colors, and non-work-related art on the walls can help cut down on the time it takes an employee to remove themselves from their daily tasks, so they can begin renewing their energy. Trips outside the office can be greatly reduced by offering an onsite area that genuinely feels separate from work. 

Healthy options are more important to today’s workforce than ever. Whatever your space allows for, from a full-service cafeteria to a small bank of vending machines, it’s important to offer nutritious and appealing selections. Coffee is still the most popular pick-me-up, but energy bars, salads, and even bottled water can produce a more sustained boost. The more accessible these options are, the more likely your staff is to take advantage of them, and you’ll foster lasting goodwill by taking an active interest in your employees’ health and well-being. 

Use your breakroom to its fullest potential! If you have the room, bring groups of employees together for different events. Providing some fresh fruit, cookies, or pizza will make it feel different from a typical meeting, and you’ll find that people will return to their day with renewed focus and energy. The bonds they develop with their coworkers will encourage creative problem solving and higher accountability 

The more thought you put into your breakroom, the more return you will see from your efforts. Contact us for help with harnessing the power of this essential tool, or for lessons we’ve learned from the hundreds of breakrooms we partner with in the state of Maine.